Making Droids

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This covers the creation of and use of droid pets.

Protocol Droids - Used as translators, as well as having high knowledge and persuasion skills that can replace the owner's.
Astromech Droids - Used in ships. Improves different aspects of space travel and combat.
Battle Droids - Used as pets in ground combat
Recon Droids - Used to locate enemies in PvP
Harvester Droids - Used to obtain resources on harvesting worlds.

Droid chassis created by engineer artisans. Droid chassis would have a level that components could not be greater than.
Droid weapons and armor created by armstech artisans.
Other droid components made by engineers.

Language Module
Protocol Matrix - determines persuasion skill that replaces owner's
Database parser - determines knowledge skill that replaces owner's

Navicomputer - improves hyperspace calculations
Math processor - improves piloting, gunnery and systems skills for the player

Recon Droid
Tracking Speed - How long it takes to find the person per attempt
Sensor Array - Determines ability to locate the person per attempt

Battle Droid
Armor Rating - determines fortitude and reflex defenses and hit points
Weapon Rating - determines hit chance and damage dealt

Harvester Droid
Harvesting Speed - How long it takes to find and return with harvested resources
Sensor Array - Determines quality of resources found
Defense Array - Determines the droid's ability to protect itself if attacked while harvesting (essentially reduces the chance that the droid is lost while sent off to harvest for the player)

Will expand upon later, based on further input from others.

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Here's some discussion Vara and I had on the topic.

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